Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New York - Amputee Rottweiler Is Given A Second Chance

On Friday, June 18, animal-rescue group Rescue Ink and Fifth Avenue Veterinary Specialists will give Thunder, a Rottweiler who was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the scars to prove it, a second chance at life.

Thunder suffered multiple gun-shot wounds and was taken by New York Police Department officers for critical care to Fifth Avenue Veterinary Specialists. Reportedly, Thunder’s owner and two canine companions were involved in a shooting that wounded Thunder and fatally injured his owner and the other dog.

Rescue Ink ( ), a bunch of tough-talking, tattooed, motorcycle-riding street guys, stepped forward to take Thunder, rehabilitate him, and find him a new forever home. For the next eight to 12 weeks, Thunder must be supported at all times when standing so he does not stress the healing fractures in his left hind leg.

The 125-pound Rottweiler will have to be “sling-walked” every four to six hours so he can eliminate. “Thunder is going to need some help over the next few weeks, but he’s worth it,” said Rescue Ink’s Eric Bellows, who lost his own Rottweiler in recent weeks and who will rehabilitate Thunder at his home. “He’ll learn to walk on three legs – dogs are much better at adapting to what life throws them than most people are.”

Full article here and Submitted by Jennifer White