Friday, September 30, 2011

Female Rottweiler found dead in kitchen after tortured to death

A police officer has told a court of the revolting smell in a house where he found a dead dog in a pool of blood on the kitchen counter and feces were strewn over the floor of the home and the Rottweiler was lying on the bench under some clothing.

Dusko Culibrk, 26, is accused of torturing the dog to death in May last year and abusing two other dogs who were found at the home he shared with his parents.

The dog's muzzle was bleeding and had scars and ligature marks as though it had been tied shut.

Culibrk was arrested several hours later and the animals were removed by rangers.

The man's parents maintained they were the dogs' owners and had repeatedly approached the RSPCA to reclaim the two living dogs.

It was noted the sister had called triple-0 and said her brother killed the dog.

But Culibrk told the court his sister had been overseas and could not have made the call.

The case continues today.

Complete article here. September 27, 2011